Sue Charteris

Sue Charteris

I offer strategic support as you:

  • Develop, think through and test new strategies
  • Maintain pace and focus at times of change
  • Bring all your skills and abilities into your leadership role
  • Develop congruent roles that play to your strengths, ambition and passions
  • Identify the next steps in your career, addressing gaps in your knowledge and skills, whether they are real or perceived
  • Create strong working pairings of executives and non-executives, political and managerial leaders
  • Make successful transitions and manage endings well
  • Lead and manage successfully across cultures and professions

Acting as your developmental guide and critical friend, I will help you make sense of the challenges and dilemmas facing you in your professional role and re-frame your way of looking at obstacles to develop solutions.

My approach:

I draw on my extensive experience both as an entrepreneur, public service leader, business director and board member. I work best with individuals who really want to make a difference and to bring all their talents to their work. I am well attuned to  help you to develop and instill a more entrepreneurial, creative and diverse culture in your organisation.

Clients say that I am encouraging, empathetic, insightful and intuitive and that I bring lateral and creative approaches to problem solving. I seek to be non–directive whilst being challenging and stretching when needed. I will help you focus on the important issues and take timely action when decisions are needed.I hold the Certificate in Coaching for Leadership and Professional Development awarded by the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations. I invest in my own development and am a member of the Coaching Co-op, undertaking joint  supervision. Whilst I do not use any one approach, I will draw on the Tavistock Institute’s conceptual model, which helps individuals locate their roles within the round of the wider system. I willingly share my extensive contacts and leadership experience.


I have helped coachees to make important transitions, including to:

  •  Fully take up new leadership roles in a way that satisfies the expectations of the organisation and their own aspirations,
  •  Overcome the challenge of redundancy to find a new opportunity,
  • Jump away from the safety net of ‘the familiar’ to start a new enterprise,
  • Build entrepreneurial and business skills throughout the organisation,
  • Create a powerful legacy for an organisation facing closure whilst achieving a new role that realises their own potential and
  • Manage well in increasingly politicised environments.

My clients come from a wide range of disciplines within charity, social enterprises and local government. Some are in mid career, others onto their next.

Testimonials and references are available on request.

For an exploratory conversation or more information contact me here.