Coaching and being enterprising

My coachees’ circumstances differ widely, but many share a common challenge: how to create a more enterprising culture in their organisations, be they charities, social enterprises or public bodies. Whilst those at the top ‘get it’ (after all it’s in their DNA), how can they convey this within their staff teams? I suggest there are two cultural factors to address:

The first is to do with information:

Do staff members know how the organisation’s finances are structured and what the targets need to be? Find clear and succinct ways of communicating this.

The second is to do with confidence:

Does getting more commercial sit well with team members’ self- image? Your colleagues will be confident about the service they are providing but may be really nervous about whether they can persuade a prospective client to pay for the service.

In the dirty business of selling this is known as ‘closing a deal,’ so here are two top tips that I was given by a really successful Head of Sales:

‘ Remember to listen twice as much as you talk’,

then at least there will have been a purposeful conversation where you will have learned more about the client, and the next is:

‘ Always go for a trial close’.

I will say more about this in my next blog.

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