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Colourful Africa


Social Enterprise: impact evaluation

I am preparing for a working visit to Unit South Africa I am travelling with friend and former colleague Madeleine Gabriel, who is now Director of Impact Research and Evaluation at UnLtd UK. We are looking forward to meeting the trustees, staff team and some of the social entrepreneurs the charity has supported. We are mindful that the secret of how we add value is how well we listen and enquire. Yes, we will be drawing on our extensive experience without assuming that it is directly transferable. I will write more on our return.

Sources of inspiration

Travelling to new destinations helps me as a ‘ reflective practitioner’ and reminds me of Norman MacCaig’s poem, Landscape and I (1972):

‘Landscape and I get on together well. Though I am the talkative one, still he can tell his symptoms of being to me, the way a shell murmurs of the ocean”..

Coaching practice

I am currently with a group of fellow coaches to build a co- operative approach to our professional development. I will be posting more information on this soon.


Northern lights this way

Me, trying to find the northern lights – Tromso March 2012

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